What's the best way to cool a hard drive (besides water)?

I just bought a WD Raptor X 10,000 RPM hard drive and these are notorious for failing early due to inadequate cooling.

What's more effective? Blowing air directly onto it, drawing air away from it directly, or drawing air away from it with 2 fans (blowing towards it and drawing air away from it)?

My Options:
1. Blow Air On It
2. Draw Air From It
3. Draw Air Across It

Watercooling is effective and all, but I don't trust water near electronics. I'm looking for more of an air cooling solution.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I have 1 intake fan in the front that blows air across my drives and 1 fan that blows air out of the case in the back. As long as you have good air circulation going by the drives you will be fine. Make sure that the air is moving into and out of the case and just not circulating inside the case.
  2. I'd suggest a fan directly in front (many cases have this), and something sucking air out the top or back (or both). I love my Antec 900 for this exact reason.
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