Help me my fist overclock

Ok im in mad need for help on my over clocking of my gear. this is hat i have

Mobo ASUS m4a79t
8 gigs of am3 ram
and ati 4870 X2

I need help to over clock
voltage s and so on thank you
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  1. OK so the fastest speed i can get the CPU to clock is 3.7mhz at my skill lvl
    the CPU volt is at 1.4875 and the mutiplier is set to 18.5 all other setting i have tryed to get higher but it crash and go boob. im i putting the mutilier to high please help i want to clock it to 4.0mhz I have been able to get it there just not stable for long
  2. From my understanding, heat has alot to do with AMD PhenomII overclocking. What cooler do you have and what are your temps?

    I only have a 5400+, but some option that I try is to lower HT multiplier and memory multiplier, then raise the base clock slowly from 200 -> 205. that should add about 100mhz. Test the overclock, then continue of it passes.

    You might also want to remove 2 sticks of ram, to see if that is hampering your overclock.
  3. Well right now im water cooling but the block i have is not great and i have mot lapped my cup yet. I am waiting tell i get my new gear in 2 weaks.
    Aldo what do you mean base clock please be pacific. thank you
    Im on AMD overdrive.
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