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I am from Pakistan. Its summer here and Temperature is 40 to 45Cº.

Room Temperatures are 30Cº to below 40Cº.

I am using Intel E6600 on Asus P5GC-MX 1333 on stock speed with stock fan.

My system Temperature are

on idle: Core 0: 52Cº, Core 1: 53Cº, on load

on Load: Core 0: 64Cº, Core 1: 63Cº

What I want to ask, are these Temperatures normal for E6600.

If not What should I do?

What is maximum Temperature for E6600.

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  1. These temperatures are fine, albeit close to the max temps as indicated by intel (60-65°). I have the same processor and similar temperatures (although mine is OC'd). Nothing to worry about, especially with the high ambient temperature. Just a question: how did you measure the temps? Not all progs are equally accurate... E.g. Asus Probe underestimates the temps.
  2. I am using core temp.
  3. Shahid Mehmood,

    Assuming that your "load" test was performed with Prime95 Small FFT's, the Core temperatures are near their highest allowable values. From the Sticky at the top of this Forum: Core i7 and Core 2 Temperature Guide - http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/221745-29-sticky-core-core-temperature-guide

    Scale 6: Duo
    E6x00: Tcase Max 61c, Stepping L2, TDP 65W, Idle 12W
    E4x00: Tcase Max 61c, Stepping L2, TDP 65W, Idle 12W
    E21x0: Tcase Max 61c, Stepping L2, TDP 65W, Idle 8W
    X6800: Tcase Max 60c, Stepping B2, TDP 75W, Idle 24W
    E6x00: Tcase Max 60c, Stepping B2, TDP 65W, Idle 24W (Spec# SL9Sx)
    E6x00: Tcase Max 60c, Stepping B2, TDP 65W, Idle 12W (Spec# SL9Zx)<--E6600
    E6x20: Tcase Max 60c, Stepping B2, TDP 65W, Idle 12W

    --60--/--65--65-- Hot
    --55--/--60--60-- Warm
    --50--/--55--55--Safe <--
    --25--/--30--30-- Cool

    Tcase = CPU temperature
    Tjunction = Core temperature


    Asus Probe does not "underestimate the temps". Since Asus Probe reports the CPU temperature, but not Core temperatures, it's normal for the CPU temperature to be a lower value. As per the following Intel document - http://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/0709/0709.1861.pdf - there is a 5c gradient between the CPU temperature sensor and the Core temperature sensors.

    For more detailed information about how temperatures work, please click on the link provided above, or click on the link in my signature..

    Comp :sol:
  4. If you want to make sure that the CPU fan is working hard to cool the CPU, disable the cpu fan profile in the BIOS. This way, the fan will always spin near 2000 RPM instead of 1400 or 1500 RPM.
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