DVD-ROM causing slow boot and not responding in XP

I helped my brother put together his first computer tonight. We had no problem installing XP through the DVD drive, but now it boots up VERY slow to XP, and the drive is recognized in XP, but it will not recognize any discs inserted. When removing power from the DVD drive, the computer boots up VERY quickly! I have one SATA hard drive and then this IDE DVD drive. I have tried moving the jumper to CS, Master, and slave with no luck. I have even tried switching the ends of the IDE (3 connections, used the 2 extremes). I dont know what else to try, It seems I have had this problem before, but can't remember the solution.

Thanks in Advance!
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  1. okay, here are some basics:

    Put it on the channel as master..now u need to know what kind of IDE cable you have:


    also look at the ultra dma cable link, this will tell you which connector to use on the cable.

    if it is still slow, chances are you have a disk in, or it's just a slow drive and the only thing you can do then is set the computer to boot off of the hard drive first and live with it or replace it.
  2. Also make sure it is on the primary IDE channel
  3. Well I tried that,

    Set it to master, made sure the black end was plugged into the drive and same thing happened.

    The drive isn't that old it should not be that slow, and I have it reading HDD first.
  4. Is the PSU powerful enough?
  5. All i can say like mentioned im assuming psu is good enough.
    Blue Ide part into the motherboard
    Ide to master
    First boot being cd-rom second being harddrive.

    If that doesnt work all id say is replace the cdrom and see if that fixes ur problems, borrow one from your friend.
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