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I have done memory test and passed. Using ASRock ULi M1695 and bois was reflashed and all flags to disable. Tried with 3 HD and XP will not install with out giving this error. Used PCI 1 mg vga and Geforce and install still fails. I have install and used HD's on older system and all works. But I have issue saying it is the MB casing issue.

CPU never breaks 102F, usually 85F

Here is the cool part, or odd, Fedora install and works.

What is next?
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  1. XP has a hardware conflict. You may want to set your BIOS to its default or "fail-safe" settings, and then install XP.
  2. I tried loading default. I am am currently try to find the manual settings for AMD 64 3000 and PC2700. This board like everything to be AUTO. I had original had everything working fine 4 months ago. Everything work just fine as it was default setting and carried over HD from a ASUS system. I am half temped to role back on the bios version, to later version.
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