First Overclock i7 920


Doing some first overclocking and its on an i7.

I'm running Prime95 to test and CoreTemp to monitor temperatures.

While running Prime95(at full load), what are acceptable temperatures? What should I be aiming for? At idle?

How do I know when I don't have enough voltage supplied to the CPU? How do I know when I have too much voltage?

Zalman 9900
Core i7 920
650W Corsair
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  1. Acceptable for me is 40C idle, 65C under load. That's based from what I've read online. Anyone here with an actual i7?
  2. Have an i7 920 and the zalman 9900 also.

    Didnt use prime 95 yet.

    Used real temp and LCD poster of my RIIE mobo.

    didnt get beyond 32C on good cool days in the summer. When it was hot a few days ago got around 39C only use internet explorer running along with antivirus software.
  3. tesseract08 said:
    I'm running Prime95 to test ...

    Be certain that you run Small FFT's, but NOT Blend. Small FFT's is the standard for thermal testing, since it's a steady-state 100% workload, which allows consistent and repeatable temperatures at a given ambient.

    Since 97% thermal saturation is typically reached within 7 to 8 minutes, a 10 minute test is adequate. Small FFT's test durations of more than 10 minutes will yield less than a 1c increase.

    Blend is a cyclic workload suitable for memory testing, and causes fluctuating temperatures, which is inappropriate for processor thermal testing.

    For more detailed information concerning temperatures, click on the link in my signature.

    Comp :sol:
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