Problem with dvd's

hey guys.

I just got 100 dvd's (alpha high performance 16x) in my mailbox, and had a lot of stuff to burn to them.

But unfortunately, when I try to burn .iso and .img files to the dvd's using either NERO 9 or Ashampoo burning studio it just fails.

It accepts the dvd, but as soon as the writing starts nothing futher happens until it aborts.

if I use my Mercury dvd's there is no problem.

If I try to simulate the burning there is no problem either, only when the actual burning starts.

i tried to burn using ConvertXtoDVD too which worked fine, so it is only when I try burning those .iso

My drive is a Samsung SH-203D

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Try using imageburn rather then Nero, it's free and may have better luck.
  2. I really doubt it will make any difference, since both NERO 9 and ahshampoo works with my other DVD's, just those Alphas..

    But i'll give it a shot
  3. Try a firmware update for your burner. It should have come with a utility but if not Samsung website has it.

    I am not familiar with either of the brands you mentioned. I usually go with Sony or Memorex but ive found Ritec or Ridata to be the best of the value brands.
  4. I'm not familiar with "alpha" brand discs either - go to for DVD Identifier and download it - it'll usually identify the actual manufacturer from the pre-recorded info located on the hub of DVD +-R discs, BD discs, etc. It should also indicate the true max record speed.

    I would also update your drive firmware with the latest version.

    If all that doesn't work, then try progressively lower burn speeds.

    Finally, you can get Taiyo Yuden discs online fairly cheap, and they generally are recognized as the highest quality and longest-lasting DVDR discs available. Some of the online blank media sales sites have fairly informative ratings as to the different brands and where they fall in terms in quality. Meritline used to have an updated quality listing but I don't see it there anymore.
  5. Alright I think I'll try a firmware update, but I don't know how to do that, I downloaded some files from Samsung website (2x .exe and 1 .bin) But I don't know how and in which order to use them..

    DVDidentifier tells me the brand is Moser Baer India ltd, whoever that is :)

    And about the quality, yeah I bought these discs because they were the highest rated discs at the webshop I bought them (, but of course still very cheap.
  6. Tried using the imageburner program, which did help, it actually did burn the image onto the dvd, but afterwards when it had to verify the dvd content it failed at 96%, and the dvd was unreadable for my dvdplayer..

    You still think a firmware update could do the job?
  7. Just did the firmware update, didn't work for me either..
  8. limax said:
    Just did the firmware update, didn't work for me either..

    Hmmm.....starting to sound like you got a bad batch. I have seen cheap no name disks fail at AMAZINGLY high rates before. Not sure what else to tell you to try other than a different burner. Maybe borrow a friends for a weekend........Or eat the loss on that batch and mail order some quailty media.
    With the shop link I guess you are in Denmark? I really have no idea what media is available in Europe so I cant recommend anything good and cheap there.
  9. Cheap brand probably.

    Try to burn them at 8x.

    However, don't think they will last longer than a year or too.

    They will rot fast.

  10. Yeah i'm from Denmark ;)

    tried burning them at speed 2x, still no luck with the others burning programs, did get lucky once though with the imageburner.. seems like it can burn onto the discs, the failrate is just quite high..

    But yeah I probably just gonna order again, from another brand.. hopefully that will do it.

    Thanks a lot guys.
  11. No problem at all. Stick to name brand media or do some research on whatever cheaper media is available to you there and you should be fine.

    Oh yeah, and may I say the world collectively thanks Denmark for Caroline Wozniacki :love: lol
  12. I've used a lot of different brand DVD's...HP, Sony, maxell, magnivox, verbatim, ridata, ativa....and on and on....Any spindle can have a bad batch. I've noticed certain brands have more tendancy than others. HP is one of the pricier brands, but is the worst I've used. Even the cheaper ativa and ridata discs worked well.

    By far though, verbatim is the best. Rarely ever a bad burn.
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