I was thinking to get a AMD Radeon HD 4870

I have a pci-e 16x slot :[ but to make matters worse, it's locked at 8x.(impossible to chnage it without changing the motherboard)
How much lowered performance will I recieve if I use the 4870? What about the Nvidia GT2XX cards?
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  1. two pci-e slots btw. I'm curious if anybody knows how much performance hindered if i use SLI aswell?
    (yes, they're both locked at 8x.)
  2. I remember in your other thread you said the PC was a Dell, right? Have you tried calling them and telling them about this? The 650i runs at 16x, hell any motherboard does that supports pcie that isnt 3 years old running on a budget microatx chipset. But anyways...

    The 4870 is a badass card, point blank. You cant go wrong with the purchase at $300. However even at $350-$400 the GTX260 is a ripoff as the 4870 is stronger, and the GTX280 at $500-$700 is just plain silly. There are reasons Nvidia stock droped 22% the other day, and they had to pull out "emergency price cuts" on flagship models.
  3. yea, My motherboard was "delled"
    They lock all the pci-e 16x slots on the xps630 to 8x.
    but yea, do you know how much performance is hindered by my slots being pretty much x8?
  4. None really, the only difference youll see is in 3dmark to be honest. And in software that requires mass vram like microsoft flight sim.
  5. In your particular situation i'd get 2 8800GT and put them in SLI and blow the doors off a single card HD4870 solution.
    Check out the benchmarks where they compare 2- 8800GT in SLI against the HD4870 single card. Of course this wouldn't apply in a fair test where you get 2 4870s or even 2 4850s in crossfire compared to 2 8800GT in SLI, but your mobo supports 8x SLI
  6. alittle offtopic, but when you sli, it goes to 8x even if your slot is 16x or something?
  7. Just to make sure you know: with your SLi motherboard, you can't put two 4870s in CrossfireX. You can do SLi with two Nvidia cards (like the dual 8800GT solution above). If you have a power supply that can handle it, two 8800GT in sli may be your best bet, though a single 4870 kicks serious ass as well.
  8. johoz said:
    alittle offtopic, but when you sli, it goes to 8x even if your slot is 16x or something?

    Some motherboards don't support two full x16 lanes simultaneously. They just don't have the required bandwidth. So instead, they provide two slots but only the bandwidth of one slot to power the two, so instead of one x16, you get one x16 over two slots, or two x8 slots.
  9. alright thanks for clearing that but you confused me with the first post so let me just ask a question:
    Can only nvidia cards use SLI?
    and can only certain type of cards do SLI?
  10. nvidia cards for SLI (and only some of those)
    ATI cards for crossfire (and only some of those)
  11. thank you!
  12. one more question! sorry ugys you're just way too helpful haha:
    Out of the GT2XX and 9000 series cards, which ones can you SLI and how much of a power supply would you need?
    what about if i pick up another 8800gt? does it matter what manufactor I get it from? Will I have to put my current 8800gt back at stock settings? Anything else I have to pick up to put in the computer with the second 8800gt?
  13. well that was quite a few questions. but last bunch I promise! :p
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