Curious about case/psu

im building a comp for a friend and i was thinking about this:

my question is would that psu that comes with the case be good enough for the comp? it would end up costing a lot more to buy a seperate high-quality psu; is the quality difference a big deal? oh and if a seperate one is worth it i was thinking about the corsair 650tx or 750tx are those good choices?

ASUS P5Q Pro LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard
sapphire radeon hd4850
e8400 wolfdale 3.0ghz
4gb mushkin ram
seagate barracuda 250gb 7200 rpm sata hd
he'll probably only have one cd/dvd drive and no crazy amount of fans etc
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  1. I would say yes, it has 432w on the 12v at ~55amp so it should be fine.
  2. Ya I said it on another thread, it's a pretty good gamble. The case by itself is 85 dollars, so you are paying 15 dollars for the PSU. If it doesn't work out it's not a huge loss.

    Someone else pointed out that it could be such a bad PSU that it would fry all your new parts. I think that's equally likely with many PSUs and a small chance.
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