Please help me identify 4 x 2 GB that will work with this

V64 SP 1
Motherboard choice has been narrowed to:
-P5Q Pro
-MSI P45 Platinum
-Biostar TPower i45

Need 4 x 2 GB DDR2/800, CL <= 5, preferably @ 1.8V and with heat spreaders.

I have the Asustek P5Q QVL, which includes G.Skill F2-6400-CL5D-4GBQ that (more or less) meets the requirement: 5-5-5-15, HS, 1.9V. Have heard here and elsewhere, though, that these are mediocre OCers.

The QVL also lists an A-Data at 5-5-5-18 @ 1.8V (but I don't like the company's service) and Kingston ValueRAM, no HS, 1.8V.

But I can't get QVLs for the other two boards. Tried it from the other end: asked G.Skill, who said--no kidding--that they only test their RAM on Asus boards!

Anybody know what the MSI or Biostar will accept, or other choices that the P5Q Pro will take? CRITICAL that board will take 4 sticks--too many board/RAM combos work with 2 but not 4.
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  1. Asus boards tend to have very good memory compatibility.

    I used to run 2 x 1GB and 2 x 512 on a P5W without issues.

    Now i am on a Gigabyte board with 4 x 2 Patriot extreme sticks(they work on the P5W as well). They will do 5,5,5,15 at 1.8 and do have heatspreaders.

    Why are you against any more then 1.8 volts? I have never had and difference with or without heat spreaders if not pulling high overclocks and even then its not too much of an issue.

    I have only ever seen ram not work on a board once(P35 DS3L). It was some Crucial Rendition(value ram) stuff, but it worked on other boards. My rendition worked fine, but since its just rebranded, my friends was different. My stuff did 667 @ 4,4,4,10 with a little voltage tweak when only rated for 5,5,5,15.

    My vote goes for the Patriot stuff. Works well and was fairly cheap.

    5,5,5,15 @ 1.8 and heat spreaders. I think this meets your request.
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