Can i do this RAID setup?

I have 1 single drive now im getting 2 new ones soon. I can just get those 2 drives in RAID 0 without doing anything to my main c drive. ill probably reinstall windows soon anyway so when i do ill switch the place to load it onto the RAIDed one. and keep the other one for Storage. so can i do what i just said
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  1. You will need to install the RAID drivers when you reinstall the operating system.
    You sould be fine.
    Unhook temporarily the data hard drive when you reinstall Windows so the boot partition doesn't end up on your data drive.
  2. Yes, you can do this. Read your RAID system manual ahead of time to understand what you need to do. Three items to note:

    1. In general with RAID systems controlled by mobo chipsets, once you mount the drives in your machine, you must set a couple of options in the BIOS Setup screens to tell it you plan to use RAID (probably on the SATA ports). This does NOT suddenly convert all your drives to RAID devices. But after that, when you boot you will get a screen offering you the option to enter the RAID configuration system. Do that and you can specify exactly which drives are to be used in your RAID array (and which are NOT), then create the array. Once that is done, your OS (Windows) will see it as ONE drive, even though it is an array of two.

    2. For your first use of the RAID0 array you will have to install into Windows the RAID drivers - see your manual for how. Then when you reboot Windows will load and, in the process, also load in those drivers so you can use the RAID0 array.

    3. When you go to change this around, do as evongugg says. This time you will have to install the RAID drivers as part of the Windows Install so that Windows can boot from the RAID0 array. Early in the Install process you will see a screen where you press F6 to install extra drivers. WHICH Windows you have is important here, so read your manual again. Win XP can ONLY load drivers from a floppy drive, so you need one of those at least temporarily and a disk with the drivers on it. Vista and Win 7 have other options.
  3. Also try to install everything on a single drive and compare speed.

    I did it last week, and the Raid-0 was a bit slower than a single disk. Which is quite logical considering today's platter throughput, rotational latency, and file size.

    Raid-0 accelerated my computer in the 40MB/s era. At 130MB/s and still 7200rpm it's over. Switch to Ssd.
  4. does anyone else have the same experience with raid vs single hdd because why would anyone set up a raid o if it is actually faster on just one disk just doubles the chance of a total data loss if one drive fails !
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