System shuts off after 3-5 seconds

I have a problem with my computer. It's been working flawlessly for about a year now, and yesterday morning, I turned it on and I heard the normal "beep" sound, but then it powered off after about 5 seconds. I'm not completely sure what the problem might be, but I've checked other threads and they didn't really help.

I tried removing different components and cables and nothing really helped, that is, until I unplugged the 12V wire from the motherboard. I noticed that after removing the 2x2 12V cable from the motherboard, the computer stays on instead of turning off. But I get no video signals.(My monitor doesnt turn on)

Does anyone have any experience with this type of problem or know what the problem might be?

Here's my setup:

Asus A8N32-SLi Deluxe Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor
1GB (2X 512mb) Crucial Ballistix Memory PC3200(i think its that speed)
ATi X1300 video card (either 256mb or 128mb)
Windows XP Home SP2
Ask about any others and I can find out.
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  1. Also, I haven't tested the basic components on carboard yet.
  2. I had a faulty power supply that cause the system to start up and shut down almost immediately. I'd hear the fans start up and the hard drive and then a second later hear them wind down and nothing.
  3. remove the cmos battery for sometime and after it discharges in a minute or two, replace it and boot the system

    you may boot it successful

    if some parts have some problem then you have beeps comming out of your computer

    The normal procedure is to power up the PC system, watch for error message on the monitor screen and listen to the PC beep tone. A single beep during boot-up process is normal and does not indicate a failure if the system continues to boot-up.

    1 Beep tone - DRAM refresh failure
    2 Beep tone - DRAM Parity failure
    3 Beep tone - Base 64K RAM failure
    4 Beep tone - System timer error
    5 Beep tone - CPU failure
    6 Beep tone - Keyboard controller error
    7 Beep tone - Virtual mode error
    8 Beep tone - Display memory read/write error
    9 Beep tone - ROM BIOS checksum error
    10 Beep tone - CMOS register read/write error
    11 Beep tone - Cache memory error
    Continuous Beep tone - Memory or Video memory failures.
  4. Thanks for that info, but it only partially worked. I removed the CMOS battery and left it out for about 5 minutes, put it back in and turned on the computer. It stayed on for about twice as long, and then shut off again.

    I'm so confused..I just don't know what's wrong with it. I can unplug the 12V cable (like I said before), but then I lose all power to my peripherals, which includes video, so I can't check the BIOS or see if there's an error message.

    Please keep posting answers for this problem, as I have nowhere else to receive information. Thanks.
  5. I had that problem too with an old media centre pc of mine. I replaced the power supply with a thermaltake 430w and works now like nothin happened.
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