Gigabit lan only transfer file @ 11MB/S

Hi everyone,

I have an Asus P5Q deluxe for one computer and AN832MVP for the other, both presumely have gigabit lan connection0.o

I connect them through a Dlink 825 router and turn off the software firewall (windows) on both computer. There is no antivirus program to slow block connection or anything. The max transfer rate I get is 11MB/s i tried transfering wirelessly too and i get a paltry 5MB/s

am i doing something wrong?

I also tried to transfer file from a system with windows 2003 server, 8MB/s
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  1. If you go to the task manager then the networking task it'll tell you the link speed. It sounds like something is still running at 100Mbps.
  2. nope link speed are both 1gb/s problem was it used to be a paltry 5MB/s b4 i disable windows firewall and upgrade from an WRT54GL!
  3. If you are transferring many small files, expect slower transfer rates than if you are streaming one large file. Also, you might want to try to optimize your TCP stack for a low latency network (basically your LAN acts differently than your usual WAN setup).

    There exists a simple program with pre-made settings for exactly this case that is available online here: (tcp optimizer).

    Now if you wanted me to explain to you exactly why this is relevant to your case, I'd only refer you a bunch of technical info which you most likely wouldn't read ;) So just go download the program and try it out, you might be surprised.
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