How much could i overclock this?

How much do you think i could overclock i getting cool master haf 932 and it has 4 giant fans and i am also getting this cpu heat sink Noctua NH-U12P LGA775 [...] &sku=27130

Front : 230x30mm red LED fan x 1 / 700 rpm / 19 dBA
Side: 230x200x30mm standard fan x 1 / 700 rpm / 19dBA
Top: 230x200x30mm standard fan x 1 / 700 rpm / 19dBA
Rear: 140x25mm standard fan x 1, 1200 R.P.M, 17dBA

Im using intel i7 920
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  1. (Your link is broken)

    How high you can reach depends not only on your processor, but on your PC's other components as well, so you may want to reveal your mobo and memory so that anyone with a similar experience can share.
  2. bcooper56,

    Every processor is unique in it's voltage tolerance, thermal behavior and overclocking potential, however, the typical overclock for the i7 920 using your case and proposed cooler is 3.8 Ghz. If your luck of the draw is exceptionally good, then you might receive a processor that is capable of reaching 4.0 Ghz without exceeding Intel's Vcore or Thermal Specifications.

    Vcore Max = 1.375
    Tcase Max (CPU temperature) = 68c
    Tjunction (Core temperature) = 73c

    Comp :sol:
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