Which motherboard ASUS or Gigabyte? and Why?

I'm planning to buy either the ASUS P5QC or the Gigabyte X38 DS4 I'm going to be using a Quad Core Q9550 2.8ghz processor and I'm not a hardcore gamer or hardcore Overclocker either. But i like gaming and to be able to play them when i can.

I like the ASUS since it says that it has some features to keep the computer quiet and not so loud and also is good for games and the Gygabite has some same features but a little bit more expensive which one should i get that will Help my computer to be Quiet and Perform well and why?
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    I don't think either board is more 'quiet' than the other. However, the BIOS of the two employ a diferent user interface. ASUS uses the AMI and Gigabyte Award BIOS. ASUS ROP (Republic of Gamers) boards has added some useful enhancements to the BIOS with recent releases. More controls, larger expanded system controls. I prefer the AMI and the ROG options ASUS has to offer. So, if you are used to the Award BIOS, then you might want to stay there with Gigabyte. But, if you want try something fresh and new the AMI ROG BIOS ASUS has implemented has that to offer.
  2. I'd go with the Asus, but as badge said, whichever you are more comfortable with.
  3. Asus+1
  4. +1 Asus
    Recently they have been releasing some really good features for their MBs also the P45 chipset on that board has slightly better ocing then the X38.
  5. I have owned ASUS for the last 4 Motherboards The CUSL2, P4C800 Deluxe, P5B Deluxe and now the Rampage Formula. I have never has a problem with ASUS. The CUSL2 is still running a Celeron 566@850.

    The only reason to go with the X38 is IF you are going to Crossfire. IF you are not going to Crossfire then the P45 is the better choice. It has the Intel ICH10R, The X38 has the ICH9R. The 10R is a little faster. The P5QC supports DDR2 and DDR3 So if you want to get DDR3 when the price drops and when you upgrade to Nehalem you can use the DDR3.

    Gigabyte makes great boards also, They are in the same tier as ASUS. The dual BIOS option on the Gigabyte boards are great if you brick the BIOS during a update.

    The P5QC has express gate it will let you boot to a linux OS and let you surf the internet and basic stuff.

    Either board will be a great choice. The Q9550 is a great choice also, If you get some good DDR2-800 you can set the FBS to 400 and get 3.4Ghz on default voltage. You should get a aftermarket cooler, they are no a lot of money and even at stock speeds they are worth the money.

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