4850 problems with intel boards?

I desperately need help, I don't know what the problem is really so i'm just going to tell you
all my story and hope one of you can come save the day.

I originally had a E6600 intel core 2 duo processor, a EVGA nforce 680i sli motherboard
and a EVGA nvidia 8800 GTS video card.

One day while attempting to launch a video game red lines appeared vertically all across
my screen, the computer eventually froze. I placed the card into my friends computer,
it did the same thing, we deduced it was the card.

My friend and I both bought bought a Visiontek radeon 4850 I placed mine into my
motherboard. The monitor will not even turn on at start up. So we used a DVI to VGA
converter. The computer boots up but after a few min or if any type of game is launched
the monitor goes black with the message "Out of range" we tried it on 2 other monitors
one a crt and another an lcd, we got the same results.

I then bought a MSI P43 Neo3-F motherboard and tried that,
but got the same results as I did with the old motherboard. We also tried the card he
bought which works perfectly in his computer and we got the exact same results so we
know the card isn't defective.

I have already returned the motherboard and have no
idea what to do next. Is the 4850 having problems with intel motherboards?
Do I need to buy a nvidia card?
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  1. I ran two 4850's on my Intel P45 just fine, and now a 4870 just fine. However if the card is not even being picked up by the monitor then the card is the first culprit. However being that these cards run extremely hot, visual screw ups are the first signs of overheating. My old 8800GT would give me red lines and red blocks all over the screen when it overheated playing CoD4 and Hellgate London.

    When it comes to graphical issues, always RMA the video card first, never blame the motherboard until more/duplicate issues arrise.
  2. The 4850 shouldn't have problems with intel mobo, might be the card.
  3. could be the monitor or the monitor cable or look see if the card is seated correctly
  4. Make sure you have the 6 pin connector from your power supply hooked to the card, just seating it wont give it the power it needs. Also check to make sure you Power supply is the Min voltage for that card. You can find that info here http://ati.amd.com/online/certifiedpsu/index.html
  5. What kind of PSU do you have?
  6. Quote:
    could be the monitor or the monitor cable or look see if the card is seated correctly

    We tested on 3 monitors total, one is an old crt that is vga input only, the other two are newer widescreen lcd monitors that have both dvi and vga cables. When the crt and both lcd monitors are used with the vga cables with a converter it reads the card and boots up, but after a few min or after I run any type of game the monitor goes black, the PC locks up and I get the out of range error.

    When using the two lcd monitors with straight dvi, the monitors don't even read the card, the light on the monitor which is supposed to change from orange to blue remains orange.

    Make sure you have the 6 pin connector from your power supply hooked to the card

    I have it hooked up using the power outlet converter that comes with the card, it converts two normal four pins to the six pin, so yes it's hooked up.

    What kind of PSU do you have

    I have an Antec 500w
  7. After looking at Mikey's link and examining Tom's review of the 4870 more closely (apparently the 4870 uses obscene amounts of energy and one assumes the 4850 follows suit) am I right in assuming I am 50 watts short?
  8. I have a intel 45 express chipset and I have had a lot of problems with my 4850.
  9. people buying products and not reading the requirements :(
  10. Which 500W Antec, which model? It does make a difference, because if it is one of their older models it may be that a. It has insufficient power on the 12V rail/s, b. depending on how old it is, the capacity to supply the rated current/voltages may have degraded.
  11. The power supply section is filled with people saying that 500, 450, 430 have worked fine with or will work fine with for their 4850, 4870 cards though..
  12. 500W is more than enough for a 4850........
  13. Quote:
    Which 500W Antec, which model?

    It says Model: SP-500.
    That's about as much info as I can give you aside from typing out the wattage chart on the side.

    I'm not sure if it's this "New and improved SmartPower 2.0" which is what I find on their site. What I have might be the "Old and obsolete SmartPower 1.0"
  14. why you buy intel motherboard it suck
  15. Is it possible your original 680i Motherboard damaged your New 4850? Your 680i mobo also won't work with 8800GTS and you put your 4850 onto that mobo after you buy. If the 4850 really damaged by the 680i mobo it is no longer work on other mobo. Antec 500Watt PSU is more than enough for 4850 single card. Let's RMA your 4850.
  16. Quote:
    Is it possible your original 680i Motherboard damaged your New 4850?

    There are two 4850 cards, the one I bought and the one my friend bought. We tested each one. Both cards work perfectly in his computer. Both cards give the same problem in my computer.
  17. Even the SP500 2.0 is an obsolete product, its discontinued as it only conforms to the ATX ver 2.0 standard. It would appear that you have the older one, otherwise you wouldn't have had to use an adapter to power your video card, the ver 2 has 2 6pin PCI-E connectors.
    The ver 1 model is several years old, and was not terribly well regarded.
    This link will give you the AMD certified power supplies for the HD 4850
    Note that the lowest Antec power supply listed is the 550W version. A lot depends on the specific brand and model, for instance you can use an Enermax 425W MODU82+. Quality is the issue, and an up-to-date design.
  18. civic said:
    The power supply section is filled with people saying that 500, 450, 430 have worked fine with or will work fine with for their 4850, 4870 cards though..

    Not all power supplies are created equal. It depends on the specific brand and model. Cheap underpowered power supplies are like playing russian roulette with high end components. If you are too cheap to buy a good power supply, then you shouldn't be buying high end video cards.
  19. Quote:
    otherwise you wouldn't have had to use an adapter to power your video card

    Last night after looking through my old boxes trying to find more information for you I found the 6 pin PCI-E component. I tried using that but still no difference.

    Later today I'm going to take my PC to my friends and use his 750watt power supply.
  20. i would say its the card slot on the mainboard then
  21. So, what power supply brand do you recommend?

    Sorry this is getting so off topic from "Graphic & Displays"
  22. www.buy.com has a 650TX for $75
  23. I purchesed a corsair TX750 from frys to test this. I still get the same exact problems.

    The monitor will not turn on when hooked up via DVI.

    Only through a DVI to VGA converter will the moniter read the graphics card. While hooked up this way after a few minutes or even if left to idle on the desktop the moniter goes black giving the message "out of range". If an application is launched this message appears immidiatly.

    I have now swapped out every part on my PC (inclusing the 4850 with another 4850 that we know works, even though we know my 4850 works fine as it was tested in another computer) except for my processor and RAM.

    This is insane. Help.
  24. Hello, so when you power on the computer do you get a BIOS screen on both DVI/RGB adapter connector? An out of range error usually means the monitor is receiving a resolution or refresh rate that it's not compatible with. If this is while in Windows, then it could be a driver issue. Were you able to install the ATI Catalyst driver? See if it goes into safe mode.
  25. I just bought a 4850 and an Intel P31 mobo. I installed it flat on the ground and then when I moved my case to where I usually have it in my room (I disconnected the DVI cable from the graphics card to do this) and reconnected the DVI cable to the card I got a red "Signal out of Range" message on my BenQ 19" TFT monitor. I took out the graphics card and reseated it and everything has been fine since. Check that your card is in the PCI-E slot correctly, not strained or overtight. Even leave the holding screw off. You said that with the nVidia setup your monitor had lines, so maybe check your monitor cable.
  26. I don't have functional DVI once I'm in Windows with the latest 8.7 Catalyst drivers.
    DVI works during BIOS and POST but not in Windows.
    I've reinstalled a bunch of times after using driver cleaner, and tried both DVI ports but only analogue VGA works.

    I'm using a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R motherboard with a E2160 processor coupled with a Sapphire 512MB 4850.

    I really need to get my DVI working.
  27. Hello civic,
    Have you managed problem with 4850?
    I met the same problem with powercolor 4850 but on AMD platform.
    Changed 2 mobo, RAM, PSU but result like yours... message "Out of range" after 1-2 minutes in 3dmark or any game.
  28. Are you guys using the "Override Refresh Rate" feature for games?

    If so, un-check it. You really need to know your hardware (monitor in this case) to use that.

    If not, RMA it is.

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