Ok, I seriously need some advice, and every time I post, I get 1 reply if I'm lucky. I'm currently building an i7 setup. I already have a 1TB Caviar Black, and I'm trying to figure out if I should just have a separate HD for my OS, or have two 74GB Raptors in a RAID 0 for my OS and apps, or just get an 80GB SSD for my os and apps. Can someone PLEASE tell me what would be the positives and negatives, and suggest which would be the overall safer and faster choice?
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  1. If you're looking for performance and if you don't mind the fact that you get less capacity per dollar with an SSD, then for an OS disk the SSD is definitely the way to go. There really isn't any contest between that and any hard drive in any RAID configuration when it comes to random I/O performance, and that's what counts most for the OS drive.

    SSD advantages:
    - about 100X faster access time than a HDD (in any RAID configuration)
    - about 2-3X faster sequential read speed than a single HDD
    - lower power consumption
    - virtually immune to shock
    - runs cooler than a HDD
    - should be more reliable overall because of solid state design

    SSD disadvantages:
    - lower capacity
    - slower write performance for large sequential transfers
    - some older SSDs have "stuttering" performance issues when writing
    - limited lifetime due to write wearing (but for most applications it will last >5 years and so is competitive with mechanical drives).
  2. Obviously, RAIDING an SSD duo costs money. There's nothing wrong with separating your OS and data into two different drives.

    RAID also increases the chance you'll lose data, since you're depending on two drives instead of one. The RAID SSD setup will easily leave normal drives in the dust.
  3. Raiding SSD(s) loses the TRIM feature
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