AMD 5000 Black Edition Idle's at 60C with AC Freezer PRO 64


I Just finished this new build and I was excited to check out the low low temps on the 65 watt Black Edition with an ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 64 Pro but to my surprise it idles at 60C!!!! That is way too hot. I touch the copper pipes that come in contact with the CPU and it is really cool to the touch..!

Whats going on? Specs:

CPU:AMD X2 5000 Black Edition 2.6ghz

Motherboard:BIOSTAR TA770 A2+

CPU Cooler:ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 64 Pro

Thermal Paste: Zalman brand paste

I monitor the temps with Speedfan 4.34

Please help me this is ridiculous what am I doing wrong?
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  1. You should install other problems to monitor core temperatures as well, such as CoreTemp. Biostart should also offer their own utility, on the mobo CD, that will monitor temperatures and voltage. Lastly, verify the temp readings by seeing what the BIOS PC Health Status says.

    If you find inconsistencies, then Speedfan is either reading incorrect temperatures or you're reading the wrong temperature with Speedfan. Take screenshots of Speedfan when the processor is at idle and under load. Then post the two screenshots in this thread. You can also post screenshots of CoreTemp as well as the Biostar utility.

    If all of the temperature monitoring programs show the same thing, then you may not have installed the heatsink properly. Make sure the fan is running and you may want to reapply thermal paste. If you feel it is installed correctly, then it's possible the temperature sensor(s) on the chip and motherboard are just faulty. As long as the heatsink is installed correctly then you shouldn't have to worry about temperaturs, unless the computer is operating in a very, very hot environment.

    Just an FYI: I have a 5000+ BE with the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro and I only get 60C temps under full load.
  2. Run Core Temp. If the temp is 60C, check the HS mounting and or reinstall it.
  3. I'm having the same issue with mine. I'v build dozens of machines and have been overclocking for years and I'v never had even an overclocked machine run this hot. Lets hope someone has answers!!
  4. Wow!! I just checked on CoreTemp, (I have iTunes, MSN Messenger and various tabs open on Firefox 3) and its at 28*C!! awesome!!!
    Thank you guys! I'm just going to check on more apps to double check.. I've relied on Speedfan for a while now but I guess it did me wrong this time!

    I have one more question. Now that I know its at a low temp How do I overclock my Black Edition to 3.0ghz, that is the reason why I got it but I dared not to with temps of "60C". I know I can do it with messing with the multiplier in Bios but like am I supposed to do it gradually? like one by one..? or am I supposed to just set it at 3.0 and restart? I'd set it at 3.0 and my games crash when I do that,, so I set it back to 2.6 stock.? I've read its way easy to get to 3.0 but why do my games crash when i try them at 3.0ghz? now i know its not a temp issue so what is it??

    Thank you once again!

    I also want to add that while I gave the touch test as too how hot it was, I've noticed me Northbridge heatsink is way too hot to the that normal? should I worry about that?
  5. I also want to add that while I gave the touch test as too how hot it was, I've noticed me Northbridge heatsink is way too hot to the that normal? should I worry about that?
  6. I have it at stock now until i fiqure out what is wrong with the temps, but after I booted it up the first time to make sure it worked, I went in and upped the multi. to 16 and it booted with stock V-Core and with no other changes. Booted fine and was stable, aside for the super high temps..:-)
  7. You should disable Cool 'N Quiet.

    So you set the multiplier to 15x and your games are crashing? You should increase the voltage to 1.35.

    This is the overclock that worked the best for me on my 5000+ BE:

    14x multiplier
    220 MHz bus speed
    HT link at 5x for 1100 MHz HT speed
    1.375V CPU voltage

    3.08 GHz final frequency.

    I believe 1100 MHz is somewhat high for Athlon chips, so you may not be able to run this.
  8. I don't know how reliable CoreTemp may be. On my brother's overclocked Athlon 4000+ it reads that the cores are running at 9C and 13C, which is way lower than the room temperature of 23C.
  9. Hmm I'm a complete beginner to this, So basically what I do is go on Bios disable cool and quiet to get the Multiplier option and set the multiplier to 15 and get the cpu voltage to 1.35? Is that all? I've also heard about memtest or something like that whats that for?
  10. Yea, i'd be scared if Coretemp said it was running at 23c
    This is a screenshot of mine. Speedfan says 60c, Coretemp says 8c?!! If yours says its at 23c, i'd be scared.

    I'm going to let it sit stock for a week and see if the temps come down.

  11. Geph,

    What about in bios? I remember in my bios it would read 40*C....

    So which temp is correct. right now Coretemp says 25 25, Which seems about right,
  12. Bios is in line with Speedfan, and Everest as well I might add. It also says its running idle somewhere between 58-60c. I'm Hoping they are all wrong. I just cant believe with an amazing case, an amazing heatsink and Ceramique that its that bad. Only about the 100th CPU I'v set. Thats why I came here, hoping the brains at Tom's can lend a hand, I'm drawing dead here.
  13. Not to make this too complicated, but what does the BIOS say your processor temp is?
    I'm not sure I trust the software, but if you really are getting that high a temp (with the same processor and cooler I use) you are at least 20 degrees too high.
  14. I just rebooted and Bios says CPU is at 63c the case is at 35c and the CPU fan is at 0RPM..............The fan is running.

    I know the case isn't a room that 68F.

    Just for reference i'm using a Armor MX Thermaltake case as well.
  15. Hmm okay I did the same to overclock mine and it read in bios that temp was 50*C I overclocked to 3.0ghz and voltage to 1.35 and when it got to desktop i got BSOD and rebooted...So im back to stock 2.6GHz and I'm guessing my temp is at 50*C so Coretemp is wrong...
  16. When all else fails, just put your hand on the heatsink. :hello:

    It should be cold at startup, luke warm during idle, and hot during a torture test.

    If there is no temperature change, then you have a problem.
  17. The fins or the copper base + Pipes? Everything is really warm.. not a sign of being really hot or maybe I just have the cooler placed wrong, But how can you place a cooler wrong?

    Thermal Paste plus cooler snaps on to bracket and that's it right?

    sandman how can I do a torture test? What do you recommend? and Has BIOS ever been wrong at temp readings?
  18. Well Sandman, I know the Zalmans are good coolers, and I get what your saying. I just reached in and touched the fins, the heatpipes, and even the top of the base where the heatpipes go in, and they are all cool to the touch.

    Yea, i'd like to think that Coretemp is right and the are running idle at 7c, but lets be realistic here....:-)
  19. The heatpipes are what you want to gauge temperature with. The fins will usually be much cooler.

    You need to run a torture test like prime95 or orthos for a few minutes before doing your check.
  20. Jeebuz91: Try setting the multiplier at some other number like 14x, 14.5x, or 13.5x. You may have to reach the 3 GHz barrier through a little bus speed increase or increasing the voltage to 3.375.

    Geph: I'd say there is something wrong with the temperature sensors in your motherboard and/or processor. If you could put the chip in another computer, try to do this and monitor temps.
  21. Cuside,

    Yea, I just ran Prime for 10min. At 100 load on both cores, Coretemp said it was at 23c, Everest and Speedfan said it was 72-75.
  22. Hmm Zorg nice link but What now? DO I just leave it as is? And is Bios wrong in the temp readings? I'll try orthos for 30 min
  23. Yes, the temperature readings are accurate. As long as installed the heatsink correctly and have at least one intake and one exhaust fan, you shouldn't have to worry about temperatur issues.
  24. I guess at this point, if the high temps are correct, i'm worried about burning out the CPU. 77c at full load even is higher than the max temp that AMD lists in their product specs. I'll have to find another computer to put the chip and and see how it shapes up.

    Cuside, check my other post, it has the screen of the Prime test and both CPU's at 100% load.
  25. I just downloaded the latest version of Motherboard Monitor and its saying that my temps under full load are 24c, however, when I stop Prime, the rest of the programs show a decrease in temps accordingly, MBM5 just sits at 23-25.

    WTF is going on!...
  26. I guess DTS is messing with our heads... Just trust Bios in this or your hands....

    But why would it be so hot if its just 65watts!?!

    Am I supposed to get a different cooler or what?
  27. Jeebuz91 said:
    Hmm Zorg nice link but What now? DO I just leave it as is? And is Bios wrong in the temp readings? I'll try orthos for 30 min
    I don't know what to tell you. It appears the DTS numbers are complete BS. Poetic justice after all the crap on this forum about Intel's sticking DTSs on their 65mn CPUs.

    I would agree with Sandmanwn on the caveman approach to testing the HS. If you have the cash, then get an IR thermometer.
  28. hmm well if I leave it at stock everything whats the worst that could happen? Would I notice a difference? My only problem was not being able to overclock to 3.0 and the temp reading high..
  29. I would scour the web about the DTS problem you have and how it has affected others trying to OC. Then I would OC the CPU. If it cooked I would buy another.
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