MSI P7N Diamond Nvidia nForce 780i SLI !PROBLEM!

I just recently got my Q9550 processor and MSI P7N Diamond Nvidia nForce 780i SLI motherboard. Everything is connected correctly (including the 4 pin power connector). When i start up the computer it doesn't post. It doesn't give any error code beeps or show anything on the screen. Ive looked threw a ton of threads on multipul forums and no one seems to have this combo out there or theres is working just fine. I was thinking that the cmos battery might be dead in it but not sure how to tell. Anyone have thoughts on what the problem could be?

total system specs

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q9550 (4x 2.83GHz/12MB L2 Cache/1333FSB)

Motherboard: MSI P7N Diamond Nvidia nForce 780i SLI Chipset

Power Supply: 1000 Watt -- Ultra X3 Energy Efficient Modular Power Supply Quad SLI Ready )

Ram: 4 GB [2 GB X2] DDR2-1066 PC2 8500 Memory Module Corsair Dominator

Video: 2x Evga NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 896MB w/DVI + TV Out Video - running SLI mode )

Harddrive: Hitachi 500 GB HARD DRIVE [Serial-ATA-II, 3Gb, 7200 RPM, 16M Cache
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  1. Unforkingbelievable, MSI goes downhill. They removed the 2-digit POST code leds & the 4-led diagnosis bracket with USB. Evga still keeps the 2 digits that tell you where the board is stuck at and is explained in the manual.

    List says your cpu is supported.

    Is there any light/fan activity when the pc is on? Describe that. Does it stay on or power off? How long?

    Have cmos been cleared for 10 mins?

    Tried each stick of ram in each slot?

    Extra standoffs?
  2. The ram did the trick for some reason I pulled out one stick and tried to boot the computer up it worked. I shut the computer down put the ram back in the same place and expected it to not boot up... it booted. I checked to see if it was seeing all my ram and it is. I don't know what was goin on with that stick before but its workin now i just hope my box isn't gonna be filled with them wierd gremlins.

    Thanks for the reply auscanzukus
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