What retail stores sell CPUs?

Where can I find CPUs, in terms of retail stores? I called my local (north NJ) Best Buy, Circuit City, even Walmart and they don't sell CPUs.

What stores carry processors?
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  1. That would be Fry's, and MicroCenter.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Turns out I have a Microcenter 30 minutes from me (no Fry's though). Thanks for the help :)

    If anyone knows of other options that would be cool tool.
  3. I'd be interested in stores that sell motherboards too. Microcenter has them but only a limited selection.
  4. Mom/Pop Computer stores would be your best option.
    Not lots of National Chains carry that stuff.

    Maybe CompUSA
  5. i agree with zenmaster.
    your local computer shop will be your best bet.
  6. Went to Microcenter today, very nice, was impressed. Will probably go there sometimes in the future as well. Their service center had very nice and helpful people.
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