AMD X2 5000 BE running at 60c idle, Cant get it down.

Hey all.

I just swapped out my 3800+ for a new 5000+ BE. Granted I can see a difference in the performance, but I have re-seated the CPU twice now and it boots at 58-60c and runs under load at 70+. I cant figure out if its the chip or if something else is to blame. The 3800+ ran idle in the low 30's with the same heatsink.

Using Arctic Ceramique and a Zalman 9500 AM2 2 Heatsink

The first time I used a small dot of thermal compound, when I took it off it had only spread to about the size of a nickle, the second time I used a little more and spread it superthin over the entire surface. Both gave almost identical results. Thanks in advance for your help.

Abit KN9 Ultra
AMD X2 5000 + BE
4GB Corsair XMS2 PC6400 -
BFG Nvidia 7800 OC
Antec 450W PSU
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  1. air flow is wrong

    is the cooler pointing at the back or up - it should point back
    what case?

    its a case fan cooling issue if properly installed

    remove the heat sink is there compound on both sides completely? no?

    no = not enough and not spread enough

    start at the center and spread out the entire cpu super thin, reapply a small dab to the middle and spread again - does not have to go to the edges

    this mounds it slightly higher in the center buy still covers the entire cpu - allowing:
    1) trapped air to squeeze out as the compound flows
    2) complete surface contact so the surface is wetted and the compound can flow to all areas
  2. Let the thermal compound set for about a week and see if the temps lower.
  3. Heres screenshot of CPU-Z, Speedfan and Coretemp. Obviously, one of the programs is wrong.

  4. looks like the sensor is reading totally wrong i don't know if you can really trust any of those numbers
  5. Yea, I was thinking the same thing. The BIOS is in line with Speedfan, and Everest I might add. Still with the cooling in the case, I just cant believe that its that high unless I keep re-seating the heatsink that poorly.

    My 3800+ ran under 30c idle OC'd 450Mhz with the same heatsick, I cant believe that the 5000 BE is more that double that.
  6. Cuside, heres a screen of the primetest underway and the temp readings. At full the temps seem to have topped off at 77c

  7. Actually the orientation of your fan can make a huge difference. My friend and I both have identical setups (Q6600 G0, P5Q pro, Antec 900, xigmatek S1283). The way I have it is correct, I have the HSF blowing directly through the HS, and that hot air is then sucked out by the rear exhaust fan. My friend had his HSF reversed in this whole setup, and my temps at 3.6ghz were lower than his temps by about 10C when he was at 3.2ghz.
  8. Yea, the fan blows through the heatsink and out the back like normal. Temp readings are still screwed up, depending on what program you are reading!..:-O
  9. different readings from different programs is normal as long as its consistant.

    speed fan is low and core temp is higher but closer with intel

    not sure wtih amd - i rearch your mobo chipset and cpu combo and others using a temp program to get a norm
  10. Well, the only thing I can say is that the temps are consistantly bad. I woke up this morning to find it idle at 56c, down a whopping 1 degree from yesterday.

    Is it possible to simply have a chip that because of a defect, will run extreamly hot? I'v never had one do this before.
  11. Well, i'v let it set in a few days, left it 24hrs to go back to room temp and rebooted it, still sper high temps. Speedfan and Everest have it at 57c idle... I'v exhausted my seach ability on the web to find a reason the temp sensors might be bad or to come up with a reason, still drawing a blank.

    Any other ideas out there besides maybe the CPU is just defective?
  12. is it just me?? according to your jpeg's [speedfan]you have your cpu fan connected to your system fan plug,i have an amd 500 black and according to everest my temps never get beyond 29c,i'm using an arctic cooler64 pro..
    i don't suppose that you can test your cpu in another mobo???:>)
  13. re: speedfan,,i just finished running three different versions of it and got fan speeds from 6000-to over 1 million rpm,,and cpu temps in excess of 40c - 60c,so i am forced to conclude that it is not suitable for the newer chipsets/mobo's...428 432 434,speedfan vers ..:>)
  14. Yea, the fan on the Zalman heatsink is indead plugged into the CPU001 3 port connector on the mobo, but alas, another faulty reading. I'm going to try and get the CPU into another comp soon to see whats behind the high temps.
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