Stable overclock reached, now memory: suggestions?

Min idle: 42C (Real Temp)
Max load: 77C (Real Temp)

5C less than Tjunction.

Ambient = 70F
Chipset = X58
CPU = i7 920
CPU Cooler= Coolermaster V8
Frequency = 3.6 GHz
Bus: 180 MHz
Speedstep/Turbo = Disabled
Load = Prime95 - Small FFT's - 9 hours (Stable)
Motherboard = Asus P6T
Stepping = C0/C1 (CPUID)
Core Voltage = 1.168V (CPUID)
Turbo Fan = Off (BIOS)

Open case, Cooler Master HAF 932.

So now I've got a stable processor, I am looking at my ram.

CORSAIR DOMINATOR 3GB (3 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Triple Channel Kit.

So at a bus speed of 180 MHz, the DRAM frequency is 720 MHz (CPUID), 2:8. NB Frequency is at 3600 MHz (CPUID). I'm no expert when it comes to overclocking memory. What do you guys think I could do with this? What do you recommend? How much room do I have to play with here?
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  1. Step up your CAS timings incrementally, test for stability, rinse and repeat. What particular options does your BIOS allow you to change?
  2. cna you change the ram volatge?
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