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help with DDR2 - 800 on an AB9 Pro mobo

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August 31, 2008 3:34:34 PM

hi guys, first time here so go easy on me :) 

i have an AB9 Pro motherboard, & just bought 2x 1gig sticks of OCZ ddr2-800, but the board won't boot :(  i just get a long beep repeated over & over, the board "should" support the memory, & i even tried using the manual timer settings ( but no joy, i tried the memory in my server pc (running an older MSI P965 NEO motherboard) & it seems to work fine, & it's posting as dual channelt etc, so i don't think the problem is faulty memory. any help would be very greatfully recieved.

heres my overall spec.

ABIT AB9-PRO mobo (latest bios)
Q6600 cpu
8800GTX 768mb (single)
550watt Thermaltake psu

any opinions would be great, even if it's just to say this memory just doesn't like my board, it all helps. :) 

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a b V Motherboard
August 31, 2008 4:07:48 PM

I would help if you post a link to the exact memory set you bought. I can tell you that the p965 chipsets are really picky when it comes to ram. you have to make sure the memory can run on 1.8v and I forget what the limit on timing is on it. You may also want to run the other memory and update the bios. With the latest bios I run this set. Corsair XMS
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August 31, 2008 4:49:14 PM

i don't say your memory has died but your bios is not able to set the memory timings correctly for your memory

remove the cmos battery for a minute or two and replace it

may be this time it will work fine

go into bios if it works fine and set the frequency to ddr800 and memory timings to auto and reboot

if again problem then remove cmos battery again and keep after a minute

The normal procedure is to power up the PC system, watch for error message on the monitor screen and listen to the PC beep tone. A single beep during boot-up process is normal and does not indicate a failure if the system continues to boot-up.

1 Beep tone - DRAM refresh failure
2 Beep tone - DRAM Parity failure
3 Beep tone - Base 64K RAM failure
4 Beep tone - System timer error
5 Beep tone - CPU failure
6 Beep tone - Keyboard controller error
7 Beep tone - Virtual mode error
8 Beep tone - Display memory read/write error
9 Beep tone - ROM BIOS checksum error
10 Beep tone - CMOS register read/write error
11 Beep tone - Cache memory error
Continous Beep tone - Memory or Video memory failures.