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i am planning soon to reinstall windows and recently i bough 2nd HDD my question is:

i have 160 HDD, its 7200 RPM and 8 MB cache and 750 gb 32 cache HDD, is it good to make separate HDD (160gb) only for OS? . Or is it better to share in partitions new HDD with 32mb cache and to use one of those partitions (~100 GB) for OS and rest of partitions share to install certain data and other files?

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  1. any advice?
  2. The problem is that the 160GB is more old, so have more posibilities to fail. Install the OS in a 100GB partition on 750GB HDD and use the 160GB for barckup.
  3. thanks!
  4. I agree with Saint but would go further and make 3 partitions:

    1. OS and applications (maybe make this one 200GB if you have a lot of games that use a lot of space)
    2. Data - this would be data you want to back up regularly - much easier if you have it isolated and just back up the entire drive letter
    3. Music and videos - files for which you have CD or DVD and don't need to back up or back up only selectively because they don't change much
  5. ^Good distribution, but I will leave a little more in the OS partition, 'cause some programs like Visual Studio use the C:\ partition and the partition that you select for the installation. In other words, if you change the install directory, this program install some files in C:\ and others in the directory that you select for the installation.
  6. Compare the capacity per platter (not the buffer size which is irrelevant): the newer 750GB has probably more throughput than the older 160GB, so put the OS on the newer.

    Whether a disk fails is not linked with its age. Look at the Google report about disk reliability.

    I install the OS on a really small volume, like 6GB, and separate the applications so that the OS' mess doesn't fragment the applications, and so that some applications still work immediately if the OS volume must be formatted and reinstalled.
  7. well i do not install much programs... if i install i always install on different partition to not mess up the system
  8. ^Yes, but usually the register of the program is installed on C:, that is the partition of the OS.
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