LOOK if your upgrading your GPU or a new build, INFO & number crunchin

So I'm going to do a new build and i did a little number crunching, just thought Id share.
these numbers are all from anandtech at 1600x1200 resolution since I have a 22" monitor.
I simply added the FPS in all the multi GPU tests (7 games) to get the total.
The test they did was with all stock GPU's
Then I went to newegg to get a cheap price and divided it to see which GPU gave the best preformance per dollar.

Total FPS - 311.6
Frames Per Dollar - 2.07

Total FPS - 365.3
Frames Per Dollar - 1.85

8800 SLI
Total FPS - 592
Frames Per Dollar - 1.97

Total FPS - 606.8
Frames Per Dollar - 1.55

Total FPS - 434.1
Frames Per Dollar - 2.63

4850 CF
Total FPS - 598.1
Frames Per Dollar - 1.81

Total FPS - 528.9
Frames Per Dollar - 1.70

4870 CF
Total FPS - 615.4
Frames Per Dollar - 0.99

So for a single GPU it looks like hte 4850 gives a really great price to preformance ratio. Now i wanted a little more prefrmance than a single 4850 so I was goign to get a 4870 but the dual 8800 sli for the same price as 1 4870 does way better.

Any way hope it helps some one.
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  1. Nice approach
    But I do not think it is the proper way to choose the best graphic card
    Otherwise it should be adobted by sites and reviewers
    A simple combination I believe will be the scoe of 3DMark06
    Even though I believe the best approach will be the best frame rate in modern games
    It will be useless to by a card that gives 200 fps in an old game and can not run BioShock
  2. You should divide the FPS by "how many years old" squared, that way, a 3 year old game that gives 180 FPS would be divided by 9 and would add just 20 FPS to th total.

    Although if the pool of games is the same for all cards this is not necessary, as the relative results would be the same.

    Anyway, thanks for the info.
  3. BTW these were anandtechs tests
    they ran crysis bioshock oblivion ect. all new games.
    the only diffirence would be how good a graphics card you need
    like for me I dont think a single 4850 is good enough.
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