Ethernet controller network controller and others missing

hi all

I installed windows 7 ultimate on my dell xps15, but can not connect to my wireless network and cannot connect to the internet through an Ethernet cable, i looked around in my devices and noticed these had a yellow exclamation point next to them:

Ethernet controller
network controller
pci simple communications controller
sm bus controller
usb controller
unknown device
standard vga graphics adapter

because of this i am not able to use usb drives or connect to the internet in any way on that computer, i dont know what i need to get this fixed and since i cant connect to the internet i sadly cant just update them like i would like to

any help is welcome, please and thank you
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  1. download the driver from dell on another computer and burn to dvd (library, internet cafe, friends/family computer)

    and install them

    or look for the driver disk came with your laptop.
  2. the drive is not on there? i need a network controller driver, or im just mistaken this is all that comes up, im am sorry but i have never dealt with something like this
  3. Driver not drive. A driver is a piece of software that runs in Windows that controls the hardware. Since you installed Windows 7, it does not have built-in drivers for your hardware, so you have to download them one by one from Dell (link given to you by Pyree) and then things will work properly again. The main ones are Chipset (install first), Ethernet, Wireless, Video, Audio, Touchpad. You usually would also want the Power Manager also, Media Reader if you have one.
  4. I think a10killer is saying that he does not see the ethernet controller driver on the Dell driver page. But it is there, it is the very last one that says "Realtek" and "RTL8111EL" That is the driver you are looking for.
  5. I am sure the drivers are there. I looked through the every models of xps15 laptops and they all contains network driver for dl. As to which one, only the owner knows the exact model number to know which driver to install.
  6. According the image that he posted, the only ethernet controller driver there is the one I mentioned (RTL811EL). All the others are either drivers for his wireless network adapter or the application to manage connections for the wireless adapter.
  7. when I say as to which one I mean which model of xps15, there are 2 of them, but I assume they use the same driver, better check.

    Edit: L501X and L502X both use 8111EL so you will be fine unless it is a xps 15z L511z
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