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I have a Dell Dimension e510 with 1G RAM and a radeon x600 graphics card. I'm looking to upgrade the card for gaming and am lookin for some help in siggestions or sites to look at that would help me choose the right card for my pc
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  1. How large is your PSU, physically? That is, length, width, height?
    What does it say on its back under 12V?
    How long is your current video card?
    How much room is left there? That is, would a 10" long card fit in there instead?

    Ideally, you'd get something like StealthXStream 600W and HD 4850, but you need to make sure they fit first.
  2. It depends, what is your budget? a site I have always liked is newegg.com witch has a lot of cards, but it depends, again, if you want to but them new or not I guess, how good of a card do you want?and what are the uses of your pc and stuff?
  3. ho ya, sorry, I forgot to ask.

    I assume it is agp right?
  4. Nope, it's PCI-E 16 :) msolo, please confirm that, it's very important.
  5. if it is agp go with 3850
  6. & if it's PCI-E and you have the power in your PSU go with the 4850
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