4 bad sectors on new drive maybe

hi, have a 1 month old seagate 500gb drive st3500410as, when i installed both fedora 11dvd and ubuntu 9.10 beta they tell me this drive has 4 bad secots and is about to fail, when i ran seagates seatools and ran a long test i recived no errors or warnings, which one is more trust worthy?

i am assuming if seagates tool gets the pass seagate won't cover it under warrenty?
or is this a problem with the two linux releases? nither os was installed on that particular drive(i use that drive for windows)

system specs

intel dx58so
i7 920
3x2gb 1600 ocz
4 drives
ati 4870 512
enermax liberty 550w
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  1. Keep using the computer as you have, but always maintain back ups of your crucial data. If your hard disk does fail, you can send it back in for warranty replacement; Seagate can't dispute the replacement-worthiness of a drive that no longer works.
  2. Write to the entire drive so the bad sectors will get swapped. Bad sectors cannot be swapped if they aren't written to, so do a zero-write from a linux livecd to allow the HDD to reallocate bad sectors from their reserve sector pool.

    And check the SMART data (raw value) to see if it increases in value.
  3. Trust only Seatools. And you're right, Seagate will do the same.

    Overwriting with zeroes is a useful option.
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