what is the best memory to get + what is the better motherboard?

first question: i would like to know out of DDR2 800 DDR2 1066 and DDR3 1333 which is the best in terms of speed i mean beacause some people have said that the difference between DDR2 800 and DDR3 1333 is pretty small but i have also read tha you should try and match your memory with your cpu fsb is this true?

PS i have a intel E8400

second question: I was about to get the asus rampage formula but then i came across the P5Q Deluxe i know they are both pretty good mobos but which is best for my intel E8400?
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  1. DDR2-800 is what you want. 4-4-4-12 timings. If it true you should match your FSB and RAM. I am running a FSB1333 CPU- so I underclocked my RAM to DDR2-667 and tightened the timings to 3-3-3-10.

    Do you want to Crossfire?

    Yes- x48 board (like Rampage)
    No- P45 board is ok, but there is not any reason to buy the Deluxe model. P5Q Pro is just fine at $150.
  2. yea i prob will crossfire hopefully if the new ati radeon 4**** series comes out soon and its fairly cheap i mean comared to nividia
  3. x38/x48 board then. P45 (P5Q) cannot supply enough bandwidth for that setup.

    Look at Asus P5E also. x38 board for $224.
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