Wireless router fail to setup to router modem

i just bought a SMC wireless router to fix in my ADSL modem router(Aztech) which i set auto connect. but i had some problems:
1) if i swtich on both SMC wireless router and my ADSL modem router(Aztech), then cant access internet.
2) if switch on ADSL modem router(Aztech) wait to connect to streamyx then switch on the SMC wireless router, then internet can use but SMC wireless router cant use, then i had to go to command to type ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew then can use wireless. but is that something wrong cuz everytime i need to do the process if i want to access wireless (type ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew ) :( :(
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  1. See if your internet provider can give you instructions how to bridge the
    Aztech. this will turn off its router features and let the SMC handle the routing.
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