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When I try copying data from one of my DVDs, Nero shows up "No disc inserted or drive not ready". I can read other DVDs in the drive; so i guess that might be a problem with the DVD. I tried softwares to recover data from it, but none worked. It shows the same error on other computers. Can anyone suggest me a solution? I need the DVD badly because it contains a good software dump.

Waiting for the reply.

Thanks in advance,

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    If there are scratches, many electronics stores have a 'CD/DVD repair kit'. It works by sanding or polishing the DVD with a very fine grit material. It will actually remove some of the plastic on the DVD to return it to a readable state. It will not work on deep scratches. Once you have polished the DVD, put a protective cover on it so that if it gets scratched again, the cover can simply and easily be replaced.
    You can also use toothpaste or Brasso.
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