GeForce 8800 GS temperatures?

I have the EVGA GeForce 8800 GS Superclocked Edition. The fan speed default on the video card is 30%, and it is supposed to change depending on how hot the video card is, however it doesn't seem to work correctly. So I manually set the fan speed to 90%. As a result it lowered temperatures, but I still think that it gets too warm. It idles at about 50°C with the case cover off. When I put the cover back on the temperature goes up a few more degrees. When I am gaming the temperature can get into the upper 50's Celsius. Is this too warm? I read somewhere that the maximum temperature for the 8800 GS is 60°C. By the way i have 2 case fans: 1 120mm and 1 80mm that came with the case. Please Help!
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  1. No, high temps would be 80C-90C...I would begin getting concerned then. I know many people say they don't have a big issue gaming at 80-90C, but I would be inclined to pull the heatsink and apply some Arctic Silver or other good paste and reapply the heatsink. Also, getting a side port fan to blow right on your card might make a significant difference.

    Either way, I think your temps are pretty good; the fact that it doesn't go over 60C temps at load is actually pretty good.
  2. I was worried that my temp was getting too high. This is the first video card I've had that's gotten this warm so I didn't know, and I had a fear that I would fry my video card. It is relief to know that I have a ways to go before temperature becomes a problem. Thanks!
  3. you have no problem you temperature is okay
  4. my 8800gt idles at 48c, so u have no probs buddy. i think over 80c is a problem tho. just make sure it doesn't touch that limit. any ways there are gfx card shut down and all safety features, so u dun need to worry for any reason.
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