Need good CPU temp monitor program

I am looking for a good free temp. monitoring program for my CPU (duh) I am trying speedfan 4.38 but it its confusing me!
Is it monitoring all 3 cores cuz 2 were staying around 42c and the 3rd went above 50 and it showed a flame next to it ???
Im at 3.0Mhz on my Phenom II 720 with stock cooler. Thanks for any input. Dont mean to bore you guys :)
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  1. Hi R

    Try HWMonitor it supports AMD Phenom.
  2. Try Speedfan, RealTemp 3.0 if you have an asus mobo, Asus Probe II or HMmonitor
  3. Thank you .
  4. RealTemp does not support AMD, not sure about SpeedFan.
  5. Try CoreTemp as well.
  6. thank you.
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