8800GTS SSC 640mb heating issues

System Specs: Nforce 750i MB, Q6600 CPU OC'ed@ 3ghz, XIGMATEK 120mm HSU, Gskill 1066 4GB Ram, 850/950max wat PSU, 2x 8800GTS SSC 640mb Graphix Cards.

Curious if its going to be possible to keep my CPU any cooler then 40 C idle in my XClio's A380Plus Tower, with 2x8800GTS SSC 640mb graphic cards only being air cooled? Or is anyone with a simliar setup running remarkably cooler that has 2 sli 8800GTS SSC 640 mb graphic cards?

Problem is now the graphic cards put out alot of Heat and even after installing a 120mm fan on the back of my XClio's A380Plus Tower its just not enough to overpower the heat coming off the 2x 8800GTS SSC 640mb graphic cards. They run HOT like 45-50 C idle and underload 60-70 C.

Note: I had to take the 350mm fan off the side panel to fit in the XIGMATEK 120mm fan HSU for my CPU. I also lapped my Q6600 & artic silver 5ed to give a better heat flow to the XIGMATEK HSU.
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  1. bump... no thoughts or help anyone ?
  2. Those dual slot coolers on g80 8800gts pull air from inside the case and expell outside. They should do well as long as the air inside your case isn't too hot. My g92 8800gts @780mhz run at 40C idle and no more than 60 on full stress at 50% fan load. It's strange yours would run so hot given the basically identical coolers.

    Consider getting an intake fan to push more cool air into the case. Exhaust fans create negative pressure, and makes your cards' fans and psu fan less efficient.
  3. If you've got the room get a couple of pci slot exhaust fans, they will remove the hot air released by the slots in the G80, instead of having the 120 draw the air up past the cpu.
    PS those temps aren't bad
  4. This is the only PCI exhaust fan I could find: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811999704&Tpk=pci%2bexhaust%2bfan

    Any better ones ? Do I put this inbetween the 2 graphic cards ? If so you think it will fit? Its a tight tight fit between them slots they basically take 1.5 slots up
  5. Sorry for late reply.
    Adjustable speed might help more, I use a Thermaltake 22 cfm.
    Your 750i board will only allow one fan either between the cards or below them, don't know which one you have.
  6. Sorry for getting back to this post late, had a crazy weekend.

    I do believe its the air inside the case getting alittle too hot or the heat rising off the graphic cards must be too much but I have heating issues even if i take the side panel off the computer and actually if I do that it usually drops the temps by 2-4 C. they run around 45-50 C on Idle with 100% fan speed. THey are overclocked but I had the heating issues before I ever overclocked.

    ( right now I have a short term solution, I have a 5000 btu air condition unit blowing onto the cpu and that keeps it at a 20-25 C idle )
  7. lol 8800gts during load can go up to 85 C and is considered normal, overclocked can get to 100 C plus. Your cards aren't in danger. Howvere if you are one of those people who prise thier possesion like I do, there is a way to to cool your cards down, my friend has exact same configuration with same cards as you his run 30-35idle and 40-50under load and his actual graphics card cooling system is running at lowest. HE bought to extra cooling fans and put them outside the case where the card vents are to pull the hot air out and it cools them rapidly.
  8. Thanks all. Help was appreciated!
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