Crysis Crossfire issue

Hey maybe someone can shed some light on this issue for me.

I've recently gone crossfire with mey Sapphire 3870 512 card alongside my Asus 3850 512 on my Asus P5K-E Wifi/AP Mobo, now running most everything shows nothing but performance increases, 3Dmark06 shows a 10315 with single 3870 and up to 13920 in crosffire.

Now the problem i'm having is crysis based an only when in crossfire mode. The sky is going crazy flickering in and out and the framerate has dropped to unplayable levels. I've updated crysis with a Crossfire hotfix 1.1 or something along those lines (i forget exactly because it i was last week) and yet still very minor if anything improvement over the previous issue.

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  1. CryEngine2 is not ATI's best friend
  2. I also have the sky flickering problem, the only way i can fix it is by setting texture details to very high. I havent taken the time to figure out what is causing it.
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