Help on OCing an old PC, RAM?

Hi guys,
I know the general basics of OCing...fsb, voltage change, etc

What are some recommendations to OC a Core2Duo E6300 (1.86GHz stock)
without changing the voltage, when I have 667 (PC2 5300) DDR2 RAM?

(I don't care about OCing the RAM, just to make the RAM match the CPU speeds so they
are stable)

I currently have the CPU OCed from 1.86 to 2.1, and am not sure if I sure push the
cpu and ram any further since I have the two linked. (would unlinking the RAM be bad?)

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  1. hmmm, what about 800MHz RAM?
  2. for my old pc, actually was my main before christmas, I used the nvidia overclock utility (can't remember the actual name). It has an auto tune function which autmoatically changes the clock reference to how high it can go while still being stable. specs were nforce 6 chipset amd athlon 3500+ (2.2gz single core) and 2gb of 667mhz ddr2.
  3. Well, if you set it 1:1 since your FSB is 1066 (4x266) you ram would start off at 533 (2x266). That should give you a bit of overclocking headroom and allow you to raise your FSB to 1333 (4x333) thus giving you a RAM speed of 666 (2x333). Since you have a multiplier of 7 you would end up with a speed of about 2.33GHz. Raising your FSB farther means clcoking your RAM past it's 667 spec so you would have to raise the RAM voltage and loosen the timings.
  4. I see. Thanks.

    Since I'm now using 800MHz RAM, I plan to do a small OC to 2.2 - 2.3 GHz
  5. Well, with DDR2 800 you could raise your FSB to 1600 (400x4) before maxing out your RAM speed, assuming a 1:1 ratio. Of course that's if your motherboard can take it anyway :D. Only one way to find out. Good luck with it and hope you get a good OC out of it.
  6. Nice, tat's a bit extreme :D but that does give me quite a bit of headroom.

    thxs for the help =)
  7. Is under volting the RAM safe?
    I have 800Mhz Corsair RAM rated at 1.8 or 1.9volts (cpuZ says 1.8v, but some sites say it's 1.9v)

    I have the E6300 CPU OCed to 2.2GHz (315 bus x 7 multi) w/ 1260fsb @ stock volt

    I have the 800MHz RAM clocked at 394x2 = 788MHz (underclocked?) and set the max volt at 1.8v (averaging 1.76)

    Should I increase the RAM voltage?
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