Hard disk/storage speed affects CFD computing time


I am considering upgrading my hard disk rpm to 10k/higher or go for SSD (budget permitting) as an option to improve my set up CFD computing time. I am mainly running FDS (NIST) which is a Fortran based CFD code in dual xeon set up with a 7200rpm HDD.

Will the hard disk speed upgrade worthwhile to reduce the CFD run time?

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  1. CFD computer time? FDS NIST? Maybe you should describe what area of technology you're occupying? These accronyms say nothing to me.

    If you need sequential performance, go HDD
    If you need non-sequential performance, go SSD
    If you go SSD, go for a good SSD (Intel X25-M 80GB G2).

  2. Looks very... technical :P
  3. Hi Sub Mesa,

    thanks for the input. The flow diagram is awesome. I think i only occupy the following:-
    1. Flow condition/parameters.
    2. CFD solver.
    3. Computing resources.
    4. Monitoring
    All done on a single desktop.

    I think given my limited understanding of the matter, i will just stick to HDD.

    Thanks again.

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