E8400 or E8500? And what cooling?

Trying to decide between the E8400 and E8500. The 500 is $20 more on Newegg, is it worth going for it or should I save my cash? Also, how decent are the stock coolers on those? I don't plan to OC--should I bother buying something extra to cool it off?
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  1. IMO, E8500 is a better buy due to higher clockspeed. 20 bucks for 166Mhz increase, I would say its worth it.

    As for cooling, I believe the stock cooler from Intel should suffice, if you're not planning to overclock.
  2. If you dont plan to OC get the E8500 & just stick with stock HSF.
  3. if you want to oc this and get the most then get the E8500

    C2d optimal multiplier is 9-11

    with the new price drop i think the e8400 is extinct
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