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Overclocking i7 920 new build

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June 1, 2009 2:28:10 PM

Hi guys, so i've just bought myself a new system and am just about ready to get everything under way. I wanted to reach out to you guys and see if you could provide with some tips/guides for overclocking some hardware listed below. It wouldn't be my first overclock but i've been out of the game for over 5 years so i'm rusty and don't want to assume i know what i'm doing just yet. Here's what i've got and what i'm trying to accomplish:

Antec Twelve Hundred 3 x 120mm front fans, 2 x 120mm rear fans and the 200mm top fan (would consider adding the side fan if needed) This case is a monster!!! :) 
Core i7 920 OC'd to something around 3.5~3.6GHz if at all plausible with the gear i have & Xigmatek Dark Knight S1283V
OCZ Gold 1600 Tri channel kit 3x2gb (not sure what i'd need to do here to follow suit with the cpu)
Saphire Radeon HD4890 1GB Factory OC'd to 1GHz core (dont think i need to change anything here but i'm open to suggestions if there's any way to get the gpu a bit cooler ie: swapping the thermal paste, better cooling solution for it etc...) & LG W2442pa-bf
Gigabyte gx58-ud4p
2 x 640GB WD Caviar Black 32ms raid 1
Corsair CMPSU750TX
Would be using AC 5 for thermal paste

I'm going to be doing something like 60%-70% of the time on the pc gaming and basically the balance split between movies and web. Let me know if i missed any info and what guides you would suggest me looking at to get the basics right on OC'ing a core i7. Thanks in advance for your always helpful responses!

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a b K Overclocking
June 1, 2009 2:53:28 PM

Overclocking i7 is fairly simple. All the multipliers, CPU, QPI, memory, and Uncore, are based off 1 bus speed, called the bclk = base clock. By default this is at 133mhz.


133 x 20 = 2.6ghz CPU
133 x 8 = 1066mhz RAM

To overclock your i7 920, just increase the BCLK. As with all overclocking, make sure you stress test to verify that your overclock is working fine, before increasing your overclock more.

Here is a guide, in PDF from Gigabyte for overclocking your board.