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I just buy my new pc and I have some problems with it.
First when my pc boots may stuck some time same at windows vista 64bit and 32 also stuck after 15 min or after 2-3 days nonstop use. When I use 1 dim of my ram my pc looks more stable and don’t crash so soon may crash after 4-5 day of use. more over when i shut down my pc and go to reopen it i cant i must remove pcu cable and whait about 20 sec to be able to start again.
I have an asus striker 2 extreme with last 1002 bios, thermaltake psu 1500w cable manage, quad core 9450, Ram OCZ OCZ3P1600EB4GK 4GB (2X2GB) PC-12800 1600MHZ PLATINUM EDITION DUAL CHANNEL, 6600 gt graphic card.
Can anyone help about what I must do to solve this problem
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  1. Even if the os is up to date, the os per se can't be a definitive measure of stability. Software is very fragile. explorer.exe will blow up to a 500mb gorilla. You can try monitoring the memory & cpu usage in task manager (ctrl alt del). If explorer blows up over 100mb, it's time to kill it and then, file, run, "explorer.exe".

    I make a script that is triggered by a keyb shortcut for killing & running explorer while leaving all other apps alone. Another way is to log out & in.

    What's your ram settings in bios? vdimm?
  2. all settings to bios for my ram dims are default timings auto etc
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