Hi, i have a p6n sli platinum board with a q6600.
i have been oc'ing it for about 2 months and i cant get past 2.8ghz :S
i have a cooler master hyper 212 and it keeps it under 25 degrees on latest bios and everything.....

havent tried to increase voltage from 1.325v.

what would be a safe increase in voltage?
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  1. 65nm can take more voltage than 45nm. Some give it 1.5v+ on air. It's best to up the voltage a notch at a time.

    Define "can't". What errors & programs?
  2. keeps commin up with BSOD if i go any further
  3. Don't boot up windows on an untested o/c or you may hose your os. memtest your o/c for 1 pass, then prime for 8 hours in windows.
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