Too many fans! Need some Help.

I never ran into this problem before, but I ran out of fan power plugs on the MB with my new case. I like having my MB regulate how fast the fans run (keeps things quiet) and its automatic. However, I've used up all the fan slots and I have more fans, which are now plugged directly into the power supply. What can I do?
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  1. Manual control with fan controller. Or maybe someone makes a fan controller that plugs into the motherboard and sort of amplifies the control signals that the motherboard generates to control multiple fans.
  2. Actually, are there cables that support 2 fans? I do have 2 fans side by side on the top. If I could wire both to the same port, that could help in freeing up additional slots.

    As for a fan controller, which one should I get?
  3. You add too many fans to a mobo fan port and you will burn it out.

    This is really popular, you can run 3 fans on one channel easy. I got one, cheap too.
  4. I was looking at this as a possible solution:
    However, after reading some of the reviews, theres something about a battery requiring replacement. Can someone shed some light on this? I really don't want to be pull hardware out to replace "coin" batteries ;p just so I can have a fan controller.
  5. leinahtan, the controller you looked at has a battery because it uses a small amount of ram to remember what your selection was for fan speeds, i would suggest getting a controller that has manual control such as what conumdrum suggested
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