Best external hard drive?


I'm upgrading my 2 years old computer and I need to do a backup to reinstal everything on it.
I was wondering what is the best external HD price/performance cheaper as possible.

I rapidly checked the rebates:
Western Digital MyBook Essential 500GB 3.5” External Hard Drive - Black retail: 70CA$ (saving 90$)

I want to buy at for the simple reason that it's really close. If you have any deal at, post it, they have an awesome shipping service.
I want to have it the sooner possible because I received all my upgrade parts.

Thank for reading.
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  1. Good choice. You also may want to look into the WD MyPassport Essential series.
  2. FWIW, My WD My Book just died. It has worked well for 3 years. But, I would have expected it to function longer.
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