Need help finding memory for ASUS motherboard

Ok, I'm gonna be a first time builder and I don't want to get anything messed up on my first build, so what I wanted to do was to go on Newegg and find some good memory for my mobo. I used their configuration for the 750i one, and it turned out the only 2x2 gig was 95 dollars. If anyone has any suggestions for like a cheaper 2x2 gig or tell me how to see if their compatible, please let me know. All help is welcomed.
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  1. what processor are you using?
    What OS?

    The likely answer is that the corsair xms2-6400 2x2 GB kit was the result and that is a good kit. if you are looking for cheaper, you can get any DDR2-6400 800 MHz memory and do just fine.
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