Intel E8500 and Asus P5N32-e sli plus - not working...


According to everything I have read, these two should go together, I have
tried two CPUs and both are failing, either blue screen, locking up or
black screen... and sometimes not starting up all the way into windows...
Anyone come across this? I have a few days till I can return it and get my
money back.

I have an E6600 and that is working fine on this mobo.
Bios us up todate 1003.
I don't know of any updates for windows...
All settings in windows (vista) and Bios are standard settings.
No overclocking or anything fancy has been tried.
RAM is:
CPU and Mobo temps are about 40 and 60 degrees celcius usually...

Anyone... anyone... anyone....
Thanks Yoa'll ! !
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  1. Quick question: are both CPUs Penryn? You should also contact ASUS support to see if the motherboard supports 45nm CPUs.
  2. Penryn... no idea... (does it say it somewhere).. The E6600 is a conroe... not sure about the 8500... is back in its box (cant find anything on the box)

    - 1333**/1066/800/533MHz
    (** available when CPUs are ready for 1333MHz FSB)

    That is an extract from the Asus website... - so it should work.... unless I and is missing something...

    Thanks yomamafor1.
  3. E8x00 => Penryn, which is built on 45nm process node. E6x00, or even E6x50 are both built on 65nm process node. So while both E6x50 and E8x00 shares the same FSB speed, the difference in process node made them different from each other.

    If I remember correctly, current 6x0i chipsets do not support 45nm CPUs, unless its revised. For instance, if your chipset is batch A1, then you're out of luck. Of course, its difficult to determine which version of 680i chipset you have, therefore it might be better to call ASUS support, and ask them about it.
  4. junk mobo
    its really bad mobo - total junk
  5. Thanks yo'all... Im getting rather p1553d at my mobo anyway... GRR ! ! !
    But I dont want to buy a new one now so, i will return the processor AFTER ! ! I call Asus.

    Thanks again...
  6. bare in mind - i only use asus mobos and i am big asus fan!

    but everyone makes mistakes that mobo is junk!
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