What is you favorite Motherboard Brand

Hey i was just chilin and thought to myself what is the most popular brand of motherboards. Just take your time and choose your favorite.
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  1. my current motherboard is an elitegroup (ECS), and it's good, i have no complaints. but for my next non-extremely tight budget build, i'll be looking into a gigabyte board.
  2. I personally like Asus

    I had a Gigabyte and my friend got an Asus, and i like his Bios better for overclocking but if i recall Gigabyte added more features to theirs like Asus'

    Only problem i see with the choices though is Evga its hard to have it cause they only make nvidia chipsets versus the others which do Intel also
  3. I think Asus and Gigabyte are both Good.
  4. No DFI
    No ABIT
    Asus has in my experience the poorest warranty repair/replacement service. They should only be used if you can get a better deal for one of their products vice any other brand.
    I currently have only bought Abit, Biostar, and DFI who I recommend to anyone looking for a very stable board.
  5. Currently I like Asus but I can attest that bobknight is 100% correct, if you need warranty work or try to contact them about an issue my experience has been horrid...

    In other words its great hardware just only when it is working... lol

    I buy them for the quality, I avoided them for like 2-3 years due to issues I had with a bad BIOS flash (due to software crashing, and they knew about it as they pulled it a few days later. They never answered emails or phone calls.)

    I guess as long as you buy from Newegg or some one who takes stuff back for you its ok.
  6. I went ASUS, although im not against Gigabyte or Abit (soon to be gone.)
  7. Tough call. I like Gigabyte and Biostar, but my current rig is Abit and I think it has been the nicest. They're dropping out though, so I guess I'll go with Gigabyte.
  8. For my needs/applications Intel & Asus are the more reliable ones....
  9. I have had really good luck with Asus except for my P5N32-E SLI which I attribute to the 680i chipset. I have had and built systems using ECS, Asus, Gigabyte and Tyan and all except for the ECS have been very good boards.

    As for Asus customer service several years ago I broke the HSF mount on my P4C800-E Deluxe socket 478 board and called them and they had a new one to me in a few days free of charge so I would have to say my experience was quite good.
  10. Ive been buying biostar boards as of late and so far so good. Otherwise Asus and Giaabyte are more proven over time.
  11. No Abit, DFI, ECS or ASROCK? I can't vote in this poll because my preference is not listed.
    I currently own 6 ASROCK boards, 2 Gigabyte boards, 1 MSI board and 1 ECS board.
    I've had very good luck with the ASROCK, ECS and MSI boards.
    Gigabyte made good boards along time ago but now it's seems that they have sunk down to the level of Biostars boards, which is ****.
    The last two boards I received from Gigabyte and Biostar wound up in the trash. I have a two year warranty with newegg.com for both boards but what good is it to have a warranty on a piece of junk.
  12. The two main brands I have went with is ASUS and Gigabyte. I had a P4C800-E Deluxe and it was very stable and never let me down. I used it between 3-4 years and sold my P4 3.0G Prescott cpu and mobo for 200.00 on ebay. Not a bad deal at all!!

    I tried Gigabyte and have had nothing but great service.

    My current motherboard is EVGA due to the 780i and 3 way SLI. It has been a great board too, so far.

    The one thing good I can say about ECS is they have the best driver installation disks. You put it in, click install and it reboots and automatically installs over and over on its own until its done. Very easy. Unfortunately ECS loses my top notch vote due to the number of bad boards I see come for repairs and when I go to Frys electronics they have most of their ECS boards with discount stickers on them from being returned from disatisfied customers. I know they make some good boards because the ones I have bought have been good so far. It makes you wonder that maybe its an end user issue that cant get the board running. Hopefully that will get ironed out one day...
  13. no favorites.. using Albatron ,Epox , FIC and biostar
  14. EVGA, no doubt about it. Heck of a lot better than my ECS cheap-o board. MSI and XFX come close, everything else is in the distance.
  15. Definitely NOT Asus. Horrible support, and lack of updates.
  16. Asus for me. Been though about 100 in the last year, with 0 problems.
  17. Sorry about forgetting some brands i just picked them off the top of my end list some others and i guess ill take some out of this list and add on some others and do another poll to get better results but thanks for the input
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