Pc won't boot up all the way

My windows vista pc is making funny noises when I try to turn it on. Sometimes it won't if boot up all the way. It show "Microsoft" loading, but when it gets to the arrow, it won't show and clicks off. I went into safe mode and did a "back to default" clearing off my computer to when it was new. Still it won't boot up. We watch Netflix. I read online that it can overheat your computer watching Netflix. I have messed around in safe mode the best I could to fix it. I have even blown out the fan. Can't make it work past Microsoft loading up. K
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  1. you can try to restore your system...But if it is a problem caused by motherboad, you have to replace it...
    by the way, you can try Windows Boot Genius, a powerful software on fixing computer issues,too.
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