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I have a GA-EP43-UD3L and E5200, and Running Windows 7 RC. I have always used Realtemp to monitor temps, but it seems that Windows 7 RC doesn't like Realtemp. The idle temp never goes below 50C. And yes I did install the CPU cooler correctly, its a Scythe Mugen 2 with backplate securely tightened on. When in prime95 it gets up to like 54C...so it has a temperature range that its reading of about 4 degrees C. I have tried Realtemp 3.00 and Realtemp 3.13 Beta, neither seem to work.

Anyone know of a good temperature monitoring program that works well with Win7?
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  1. Have you tried Coretemp, HWmonitor, or Speedfan? It could be faulty temp sensors not giving readings lower than 50C. I just built a system with that same cpu and motherboard, and no matter what, it wouldn't read lower 36C. Didn't matter if it was overclocked or stock, or with a better cpu cooler.
  2. I've used SpeedFan and I like it, in my opinion SpeedFan is easier and nice to use than CoreTEMP.
  3. Hmm so do you guys think that the problem is more with my hardware rather than Windows 7?
  4. It shouldn't be a hardware problem, try another temp program.
  5. +1 Try another program
  6. I have tried speed fan and core temp too, all say my CPU idles at 50C...which is just wrong. I guess the temperature sensor in the CPU is badly calibrated or something. It performs well though, so I guess I will just ignore it...It feels to me like it is reading temperatures accurately when above 50C because I have made a couple builds similar to this, and those temps are par for the course in Prime95 load with similar voltages and speed...I just don't understand the 50C as the lowest temp reading.
  7. How about using Gigabyte's own program for monitoring ?

    EasyTune 5/6 that is... it's the only one guaranteed to show stuff correctly.
  8. Have you tried HWMonitor?
  9. No I haven't, but honestly I'm not really that concerned about it. I know the temps aren't at a level that is going to be dangerous to the CPU so I just think I am going to leave it be. None of the software I have tried thus far has given any different results, so I don' think its a software issue, given that RealTemp and SpeedFan both work on my other rig that is running windows 7 just fine, and I have used the same CPU+MB before without an issue, so the software isn't incompatible with the hardware either. I'm pretty sure the temp sensor in the CPU is off, and I will get the same results no matter what software I try, seeing as how I have tried all the most reputable software so far with the exact same results; coretemp was ~1C cooler than speedfan and realtemp.
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