Software Overclocking?

So in my signature you might see the 1.8GHz O/Ced to 2.28. The RAM is O/Ced as well since it is a software overclock. Since this is a Dell motherboard BIOS overclock is not a option.

I've ran OCCT on large data sets for 2 hours, and Prime 95 for 12+ hours. Should I be worried and disable the software overclock?
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  1. It seems to be a stable OC and if your temps are in a safe range, I say keep it there. :hello:

    Box systems (store bought) seem to run hotter as they are built to a lower level of heat dissipation
  2. It seems to be stable, but IMO, I personally don't like OCing through Windows as I have has problems with it (using Gigabyte/ASUS and ClockGen).
  3. On the networking side of things (hardware) is always better than (software). Example: Windows Firewall(software) vs. Sonicwall Firewall(Hardware). Hardware wins ever time. And just to let you know i am new to OCing, but somethings never change.
  4. Thanks for the help guys! I guess I'll keep it then, but will it be the same under Windows 7?
  5. I think AMD overdrive is the only software I would ever use, and other than that I wouldn't use software. AMD Overdrive lets you select you actual voltages, multipliers and bus speed ect, so it takes care of most of the shortcomings of most overclocking software, however overclocking in windows is not something I would do if I could help it.
  6. Is AMD Overdrive free? :lol:
  7. Oh I don't think it'll work on a nForce 430 Nvidia Chipset :P
  8. I don't think it will either. I think it is free, but its made for AMD chipsets.
  9. Well, ClockGen only starts when the OS is started, and even if I set it to "apply clocks at startup", its ask me if I want to run CG anyways before it actually applies any clock settings. Could ClockGen produce a hardware problem of some sort?
  10. i no how ya feel my msi board wont let me post at anything above stock when i set in bios 2.3ghz but once in windows i hit 3.1 ghz easy, ur oc is safe once everything is within temp limits, right now i hav 3gb 533 rated to run at 4-4-4-12 running at 667 with 4-4-3-10. nice oc on the sempron, if its a 65nm you should be able to push it further.
  11. Thanks xaira, I am just worried about the RAM since I am overclocking it to 910MHz.

    PS. What CPU do you have?
  12. Well what kind of ram do you have in there? If its the ram that came with the PC, then I wouldn't overclock it much at all. Chances are it doesn't have heatspreaders and is low binned memory, so an overclock like that will probably put too much stress on it.
  13. Its a Crucial Rendition (cheap ram, and no heatspreaders :lol:) 1GB DDR2 PC6400. Here's the newegg link.
  14. And for the time being (while testing and running just Windows 7) I left the CPU back at its clock speeds. Still deciding whether to keep the overclock or not...
  15. Yeah I think if you maintained that OC (and I am guessing its probably running at like 2.0-2.1v) it would probably burn out that ram pretty fast.
  16. How do I check the RAM voltage? Also how do I check the CPU voltage since my BIOS doens't show any overclocking options.
  17. You would probably need to use an OC utility that told you the voltages.
  18. If I install my older 512MB PC4200 533MHz RAM and make it 1.5GB, it'll downclock to 533MHz, is that better?
  19. What utility would you reccomend?

    What about overclocking with nTune XD
  20. AKM880 said:
    Its a Crucial Rendition (cheap ram, and no heatspreaders :lol:) 1GB DDR2 PC6400. Here's the newegg link.

    Yea... why such an elaborate signature showing off your system? makes sense if it's a Phenom II or I7 setup, but it's too weak to justify a nice looking signature. It's like painting a billboard with a bucket of diarrhea! :lol: (no offense, hopefully...) :whistle:

    How do you make one anyway?
  21. Yeah I was curious how you made that sig too, its pretty cool.
  22. Thanks, I know its not the greatest system but oh well. IIRC I used the GIMP. I'm about to change it soon anyways. But I don't even think its a very nice looking signature :lol:
  23. Does CPU-Z show correct voltages for the CPU? It lists it as Core VID?
  24. i have an x2 4400+ brisby
    central brain identifier should tell you correct core voltage in a 32bit system
    my bios displays ram voltage dont no of any apps
    nvidia system monitor, not for my board but installed it anyway
    displays 2.5 but i know thats not correct, but seriously the nvidia control pannel is wat i use for ocing, i dont no y the "XD" DOWNLOAD THE LATEST DRIVERS FOR UR CHIPSET and you may be pleasantly surprised

    assuming you have an nvidia chipset
    this link is the software only
  25. Thanks, I does nTune also raise your RAM freq. as well? Anybody else have thoughts on software overclocking with nTune?
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