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Buying a Desktop PC and I have an option to go with either
2 - 500 - GB - SATA 7200-RPM Drives Set-up in RAID- 0


( A Single 10,000 RPM Hard Drive )
And a ( Storage Drive )
Terabyte Sata 7200-RPM for Storage.

Now I really do not care about the storage part as I already have a nice external drive , I am interested in Performance , Time Seek / Search
AND BOOT--UP . The Adherant concerns with Drive failure in Raid-0 does not concern me as I back all up to external automatically. Just Raw performance Data.
I do like the idea of the running of a single 10-K Drive , As Long as it could hang with performance wise the Two 7200 Sata Drives in Raid-0 ?
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  1. The 10KRPM drive will have faster access times than the 7200K drives in RAID 0.
    But the RAIDed 7200K drives will probably have faster sequential transfer rates and might be able to handle more IOs per second.

    Which would be faster? Hard to say...
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